Earlier this year the Arts Center held an exhibition of Kylie Minogue (Australia's most well known singer, naturally an export as all famous people are here) and we took some pictures to share for those of you at home. I love the blue star dress, how amazing would it be as a ballgown?!

Eat Local - Kopan Grill Japanese & Korean @ Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tuesday 20th September

In this little town, it's expensive. Though the trick is to go out for lunch, especially while you still can. As an adult who works 9-5pm you won't be able to sneak out for a leisurely meal. 

Kopan Grill - Korean & Japanese, just a block away from the station has been on our list since we first moved here, though we haven't gotten around it till now (yes a week-ish before moving houses). 

Lunch menus are awesome! For at Kopan from Tues-Fri 11.30am-3pm they have a lunch menu. More limited than the regular menu (which you can still order from) but cheaper than dinner!

Lunch ranges from $9.50 to about $13. They do have the same dishes available for dinner but you're looking at $15-ish dishes. Still a pretty good deal, especially as Miss Korea down the road is a bit more expensive. Options: dons (rice), curries (Jap style), udon and rice sets.

Our favourite table is by the window, the one with the best lighting!

These are 'main sets' which is your rice/meat/salad and a little entree, curry & rice, rice dishes (donburi) and udon. It's close to a bento, but not quite. They're $13 during lunch.

Bulgogi Set $13

On our first visit I had the set with Bulgogi (wiki says it is a Korean dish that usually consists of grilled marinated beef... in  a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, pepper, and other ingredients) which included rice, salad, edamame and a cube of tofu!

Bulgogi was what the friendly Korean waiter recommended when I asked a marinated beef dish. Well balanced with a soy base with a hint of sweetness, it was high quality and delicious. Yes I most definitely would get this dish again.

The tofu was deep fried with a crumb, sitting on a small dollop of Kewpie mayo with a drop of plum sauce on top. Small but delicious and the perfect sized!

Bio guy ordered the 'Beef Udon $12' which he consumed every last spoonful. 

In the background 'Kissing You' by Desire played. What a coincidence! For there's a 20th Anniversary Romeo & Juliet Concert we're going to later this week.

Thursday 29th September

Back again in the same week! The rush to tick things to go see/do/eat before moving houses! Luckily we're just moving two station/trams away.

Bio guy absolutely loved the udon he had the other day and highly recommended it. So this time I had the beef udon ($12) and he had the Sukiyaki ($11).

Sukiyaki $11 - Kinda like a beef don dish

"While the flavours were well balanced it wasn't outstanding (like the udon) but pleasant." - Lab partner. It is very odd to describe food as pleasant... What he means is that while it was good it wasn't as amazing as the udon, which over the course of a couple visits we have declared our favourite!

Beef Udon $12

Well marinated beef sprinkled with herb particles, atop springy udon noodles with a side of spinach, sitting in a hearty broth full of flavour. It was absolutely delicious! Three simple elements made into an all-time favourite! I'd get this again and recommend it! 

Wednesday 16th November

Beef Udon $11 

We're had dons, udon and now the finial dish before sharing a review. We'll of course be back as bio partner still lives up the street, and we're two stops away. But it's the last post for a comprehensive review.

A curry with a huge serving of rice and that same delicious bulgogi beef. Oh how I love that beef! Lite n' Easy beef to me is chewy and not exactly the best cut, so I order beef when I dine out. Japanese curries aren't hot like Indian ones, instead they're thicker and leans towards soupy but still thicker. There's a lot more rice than you can see, so this dish is the best value for money. It's quite good, not too salty.

Service was very friendly and prompt. With the restaurant being small, like most of the independent restaurants on main street, the deco is minimalistic to not overwhelm the cozy gallery like space.

Tip: Visit for lunch and sit by the window on the left side (in this picture). Best spot for lighting. That's what we love about lunch, great deals and lighting!

Where is it? On the block uphill from Camberwell Station, cloest to platform 3.

When's lunch? Tues-Fri 11.30am-3pm

What to order? That beef udon!!

What's your go to place for udon? Or any local gems? 
Do you have a favourite lunch spot, that has great lunch offers?

Kopan Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sometimes things don't always go as planned, and so we had some photos corrupt/glitch and die for our Bondi Chia Vanilla Thins shoot. Just letting you know we've updated the pictures, though the recipe remains the same, with one added note - the times and temperature will give you completely different results if you forget to use the fan force function like we did, for our fourth batch.

Also during house renovations, they added sky lights, hence the glare and reflections.

Happy Baking!

Let me know in the comments of the original post if you made these!

Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. @ Thursday, February 16, 2017

Charlie dined as a guest.
Tuesday 31st January 

It's no secret that Melbourne loves its burgers, and they're so hot right now. Being American we love the classics like burgers and fries and so were delighted to check out the latest burger bar, located two blocks from the office, this is dangerous!

From Noosa comes Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. the first location outside of Queensland (Melbourne first, Sydney second :P) offering a similar menu as Royal Stacks, which arrived in Melbourne before Betty, though Betty first opened up shop before Royal in Noosa, and since then is traveling down the coast. 

The warm lighting and design of the place does remind me of those take-away shacks/booths on the beach. Though great burger bars aren't exactly beach-side down here, with our currently contaminated waters. We'd love to visit Noosa one day!

We love sliders/mini burgers! Though this would be the kid size, and not your regular size. Didn't try the original but we'll be back soon and shall update this post.

Crispy Chicken
Southern fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, Betty’s special sauce

The chicken was beautifully fried, went well with the fresh ingredients and mayo based sauce. Served in a soft slight sweet fluffy bun. It was delicious! Fried chicken is always a crowd pleaser.

Shroom Burger

Crisp fried mushrooms filled with melted gouda and 
gruyére cheese, lettuce, tomato, Betty’s special sauce

There aren't many amazing burgers out there for vegetarians, but this is one of them. Not many places do a mushroom burger either, and I haven't seen anyone do a fried one, with a crumb coating. A little bit hard to bite off, though great the same.

There was also the classic and pork belly burgers going around, but there's a limitation to what one person can eat! Luckily my plus one is coming over soon.

Beer Battered Onion Ring & French Fries

Partners in crime to the burger family, an essential we love. The fries were a bit on the oily side, compared to McD. Like the fries the onion rings were served with an aioli dip, which had a bit of lemon it in, contrasting the deep fried goodness.  And giving that chips on the beach vibe.

Now that's my kinda ring!

Loving the fries, as most burger places do the thicker chips. 

To wash it all down we had a chocolate thickshake, creamy and delicious, it's a classic. There was also strawberry, peanut butter and your classics, though no strawberry cheesecake, that one's my absolute favourite.

Peanut Butter Brittle & Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake 

What's a "concrete"? It's a cup of smooth and creamy house-made frozen custard (thicker than froyo) and tastes different, and you have the option of picking a flavour or creating your own! Start with a vanilla or chocolate base, and add mix ins like as Krispy Kreme doughnut, choc chip cookie dough, marshmallow sauce and Persian fairy floss!

 Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake
Vanilla custard, lemon curd & zest, raspberries, NY cheesecake, graham crumble

The contrasts of sweet, tart and tangy. Extra creaminess from the chunks of cheesecake were a delight too! We'd definitely recommend this one, though also have our eye on the spiced pecan & banana pudding!

You can check out more pictures from the event here

Delicious burgers just two blocks from Flinders and the office! We can't wait to return!

Have you checked out Betty's? It's on Elizabeth x Collins.

Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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