A Market Dinner in the Garden @ Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday 13th February

Tonight we attended an advance screening of Hidden Figures, and loved it! Set in the 60s (without the hippies, more civil rights movement) at NASA it tells the story of three extraordinary African American women and how they persisted and overcame barriers to equal rights and treatment of their time and age.

It might it low on costume porn (The Help has plenty) being set in a straight white male dominated setting, but there was plenty of plot, development of social attitudes and moments. Highly recommend!


Dinner at Kuku Mama, includes a show. I might not recall what it looks like, but that memory is seared into my mind.


A Garden Party with Lillet! Cocktails at South Wharf with delicious canapes, oysters and a cheese table! We love cheese! You can read all about it here > link.


South Melb Night Market - It took us years to get here, but we made it! To the second last session of the season. Exploring, dinner and a workshop. 

Sometimes leaving the house really sucks - people who refuse to let me take pictures! I am not having a good people month! What I need is an assertive bodyguard, or Lola (who went home). Someone to act as a barrier so I can take the pictures, and so people would be intimidated and not bully me (yes I know it needs to be repetitive, but once per a person and to me you all are the same).


Matcha & Red Bean Croissant. Disappointingly the matcha is light and almost seems like colour only, with no flavour. It costs $3 more than the original too. :(

This week's events, and that top.

Today we had meetings and went shopping, scored a $5 winter hat with a fugly ribbon (to be revamped), a $10 laced bust trending top (to be worn with stuff underneath, as I don't have the boobs for it, nor would I parading them around - no where I go will let me come in).

We made pie, but it failed. Tried to add a meringue on top, that failed too. It's just one big pile of mush. - But it tastes alright. What was wrong? The structure, it didn't set in shape and split when we recovered the springform frame, also the elements didn't stick, so when you take a slice the base was still stick to the pan.


From now on we don't buy tickets to matinee ballet performances till we get there on the day. Running late we arrived in time for the ball and to see the prince bewitched, and in result killing his love the white swan. It was set in the 14th century french court/renaissance. It was odd that the princesses were dressed identically and they were all Turkish... In terms of costumes we prefer the Australian Ballet last year. 

Dinner at the Naked European. Good food? Yes. Service? We had an issue there...

A trip to the theatre, it was interesting... I did love the set design though, with four different zones all blended into one, using simple sets. There's even a functional shower!

Exploring the area. A town house, with added stairs is now a duoplex! Though further divided it becomes four flats...


Dental hell. My head hurts! It was so bad that we ended up at the dental hospital and that's how we spent Sunday night. In hell. She touched it with ice and I nearly died!! 

High on medication I can do anything! Including grabbing a burger on the way to the hospital. Betty's Burgers. Here's a menu, order, grab a table then pick up on the other side.
Light and fluffy buns reminds me of filet o fishes. The top has been grilled underneath just like huxtaburger! We have a new contender for best burger! Betty vs hux. (Note - Get both same day back to the office to compare.) Though I'm certain the burgers at Betty's are bigger.

No combo deals. Eg buying a burger, side and drink is $2 cheaper than buying it separately
Can you book a table? There's a lot of reserved tables.

A seat at the bar means front row seats to see concrete/frozen custard made! Reminds me of self serve candy area back home at kmart. We also had a self serve helium balloon area! Just floating there waiting to be selected.

How was your week?

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