Phlies @ Phancy Cafe @ Monday, July 10, 2017

Saturday 17th June

This is the post that was a speed up or rather wall for me, and the reason why I'm so behind. Because sometimes things go wrong and scar you for possibly years.

Someone gave me a muffin a month after this ordeal, and I pretty much had to put it through a sieve before I could eat it. Read with caution.

Oh that's an interesting landmark. A Saturday lunch at Phancy Cafe, personally not fond of unique/modern spellings, but given that the owner's name is Phan this is an exception *shrugs*. Located near the markets and residential area it was somewhere people stop after a morning of shopping.  

There were many chalkboards sighted offering a taste of the menu. We came for the Vietnamese lunch menu you see on zomato though it wasn't on offer that day. Or it's out of date sadly.

At 1pm the cafe was empty, but it was filling up fast as we left. 

Matcha Latte $4-5

A milky matcha way less bitter/strong than usual. I like it this way. 
It was the first time the lovely waitress had made it as it wasn't on the menu. 

With all the signage the place reminded me of college cafeterias but nicer. 

Phancy Breakfast $15
Potato rosti top up with homestyle cooked beef mince with a free range 
poached egg, grilled tomato (no thanks) and tomato relish.

Mince beef for pasta, cold mushrooms, mash and relish. It was ordinary. I'd rename this 'Phancy Protein' though it needs something green, spinach? I could have made this, in that it was simple and more like a bunch of ingredients sitting together rather than a dish. Perhaps served as a big breakfast with the elements sitting not on top of each other it might be different.

One Huge Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffin 

We left at 1.45 when it was getting busy. Running. A series of questionable decisions regarding time management as we were on our way to a concert. On the way out we grabbed a muffin for later.

The size of a large orange with a crispy top it was like no muffin I've had or will have ever again as I would find out later on.

Is that a leg or a herb?! Why is there a herb in my muffin?! Oh gawd on further inspection there is a fly's leg in my muffin!!! *internal screaming* If this is the leg, where is the rest?!!

I haven't been near a muffin since and people I confided in (not H obviously, but bio guy) are still making jokes about me! The thought of muffins makes me gag. 

An average cafe with average prices. Not trendy. With the survival of the most trendy/pretty I have no idea how they're still open.

Service was very friendly and fast.

Though I would never recommend Phancy or go here ever again.

Phancy Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Thursday 15th June

Early mornings call for a hot drink, and perhaps not bubble cup this early. With meetings in Glenferrie we settled upon a small corner cafe opposite town hall, with views of the clock tower. Esp Bar.

Dirty tables and glasses at 9am, not a good sign. At least it was nice and warm inside.

There were sandwiches, rolls and cakes in the display though they didn't seem that appealing. And I wasn't in the mood for food *gasp I know!*

Belgium hot chocolate made with chocolate was more like it!

Belgium Hot Chocolate $3.70 

It was smooth and creamy and chocolate, just perfect! Not as rich as Lindt, lighter and at a reasonable price too! 

In the background bio guy eats an entire bag of kisses, he is a pretty simple guy who is motivated only by two things, one of them being food. *sigh*

The view from the perfect corner seat!

Service was friendly with no card min.

This is our local meeting place when we come to Glenferrie. I always order the hot chocolate. It's nice and quite, busy though not as noisy as Rustica down the road.

Esp. Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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The Bay in Mordialloc @ Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tuesday 13th June

This Tuesday finishing work at 4pm, and after a nap we took a 40mins trip to dinner at The Bay in Mordialloc,  a beach city town far far away. That's 40mins from the city - not from where are are to Mordialloc.

A cornerside pub, we had the best seat in  the house with the best lighting in the corner. Arriving at 8.50 on a Parma Tuesday the kitchen closes at 9pm, and the place at 10pm. 

It was warm inside with great lighting, though not as bright as Myer where we required sunglasses to stroll through the beauty department.

Round the world in 8 Parmas. All served with chips and salad $15

Only on Mondays & Tuesdays - that's a pretty good deal!

Parmesan and Truffle Fries $12

We started with paramasen truffle chips to share, a huge serving. 
I wished the waitress had said the parma also comes with chips!

Mexican Parma $15

Corn chips, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & mozzarella

Bio guy had the mex param, for it was $15 parma night with eight different choices. It was huge! But didn't lack quality.  Salsa and sour cream, unexpectedly twist on classic. The garden salad, pickled red onion added sweeteness and created a well rounded salad. Simple, boring good. Right up there with the best of them. Would definitely return on parma night! - Said he.

Baked Gnocchi - Baby bocconcini, salsa verde, swiss brown mushrooms, napoli $22

I had the gnocchi, which was very tomatoy, been tomato based. More suited to a be a sharing dish to be served with bread. Overwhelming. Not your typical gnocchi serving size. I ate 1/4 of this (because I was almost full from the chips alone... bad choice of entree there). Lacked texture other than being just soft. Crotons on top would have been good. Also an egg since it's baked.

Spanish sherry poached pear, pistachio crumble, & vanilla ice cream $10

Poached pear, Gaytime crumble but less oily with vanilla ice cream. Yes I know the description says pistachio but it didn't taste like that. The pear was soft and well poached in the sherry. This truly was my highlight of our visit! If you visit do get this.

Service was fast and friendly

Note - They don't do takeaway, how odd...

Will we be back? Yes! For param night!

The Bay Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Sauced Pasta Bar on Chapel @ Friday, July 07, 2017

Tuesday 20th June

Dinner on the go from Sauced but on Chapel St, beside the new meatballs restaurant. I have no idea how they survive up on Chapel St with so many better places at a similar price.

There's that familiar but strange blue lighting which doesn't seem very inviting. Fortunately it's warmer inside, and quite nice at the front tables. Though still not quite inviting enough unless the place is full.

Where we like to sit - if we had the time.

We had the spicy lentil with penne, for a pasta bar it seems very odd to me that they only have three types of pasta.

It was indeed spicy! As in the apple juice wasn't enough and I ordered a shot of milk at the bar. Too hot for me! And to me that also seems like a good way to have a basic flavour dominate rather than multiple layers and lots of fresh herbs.

Service was very friendly.

Sauced Pasta Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Local Eats - Sauced Pasta Bar @ Thursday, July 06, 2017

Sunday 14th May

Sauced is the local pasta bar in town (other than family friendly Sofias across the street), though we never got there till after we moved to the next town. A groupon was the perfect incentive though. 

Seated at the bar right in front of the heating it's lovely!

Through Scoopon we bought a $10 pasta and drink deal, and there's more drink options then just water and coke. You could get a juice! 

There are some catches to the scoopon, limited hours that made it very hard to dine here for me personally. Though if you fancy a M-W dinner or weekend lunch that'll work.

At 6pm the deliveroo orders were buzzing and it was just the start of dinner service, we're here because I didn't make it to the studio, as I left the dance shoes at the house on the other side.


Bolognese - 100% Australian beef, Italian style with a Sauced twist

We ordered the classic, it was way too salty for me, much like Mother Dough, so I'll remember to ask for less salt next time. Bio guy agreed that it was crazy salty and not just me. I had a couple fork spoons and the rest went into the bin. 

Wednesday 14th June

Creamy Pesto - Basil Pesto with a Dash of Cream

Scattered with crushed pinenuts this was perfect! Simple and good. Not salty, but just right. Basic and better with chicken but that's an extra cost. Not a fan of those build your own dishes that ends up being much more than you expected. I don't think I could tell the difference between freshly made and packaged pasta anyway. This dish was quite good actually and not crazy salty, that we actually finished it, in two sittings as the serve was large. 

For a pasta bar they ought to have more than four types of pasta though?

A grab and go order, the title of this chapter of my life ought to be 'Really Pushing it' in regards to my time management. A quick dash before heading down to the dance studio. 

Sauced Pasta Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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